For everone who likes the swedish singer/songwriter Ulrik Munther.

I post/reblog pictures and other things related to him. If you wonder anything, just ask and I'll try to answer as good as i can!

Please, please, DON'T TAKE my own edits/gifs, REBLOG them instead. It's a bit sad working with fanstuff and then realise it gets stolen. Thanks! x

(I do not reblog personal stuff, only things related to his public life, such as his music-career)
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Hello~ (^^) I wonder, is there a place/address you can send fanmail to? (^^)/

You can usually find good fanmail-adresses on Here’s the one for Ulrik, but i’m not shure it’s working though:

I can’t find any email-adress but you can always try to get through via facebook or twitter of course. Good luck!

Vart kommer din icon ifrån? Eller finns det en orginalbild utan redigering? Älskar den hehe♥

Den är redigerad utav mig, men här är den om du vill ha den. :)

Ulrik 3rd again!

So he didn’t win but I think it’s fun to see how good he did this year, and in my opinion his song this year was even better than soldier! Congratulations Ulrik!

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